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ASI6200 arrived

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On 23/02/2020 at 07:24, MarsG76 said:

Looks like an awesome camera.... I wonder how much vignetting would be on the big sensor when used on a 8" SCT?


It' s my understanding that above APS-C size there's  too much vignetting on a C8 and C9.25



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Here's an early luminance image taken over a few evenings, it's just been stretched. It includes some images that i don't have flats for, they will be removed for the final stack when i'm done gatheri

I ordered a camera for my friends observatory the other day, out with the old Moravian G3-16200 mono CCD and in with the ZWO ASI6200 mono CMOS! Camera should arrive next week, unfortunately there's

Camera and filter wheel arrived today. Everything mounted including the required extensions and a 3d printed M68 cover. Since the OAG might not be used for guiding i'm gonna

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On 06/10/2020 at 18:23, WJDrijfhout said:

Awesome combination and great early results! Could you share the adapters you've used? I am looking to connect the ASI6200 to the TOA-130 but with the same 67-FL flattener, so I guess it would be the same.

Also, what is the use for the OAG in your setup, if it is not for guiding? My setup is typically used unguided, so an OAG would probably not be something I'd get. 

Sorry for late reply, didn't see your post till now.
The OAG is there just as a M68 adapter, it was the only available solution to connect M68 adapters at the time the camera was bought. Today the M68 Tilt plate is an option, but in my opinion the ZWO tilt plate isn't very good, it's hard to adjust it very accurately :(
Adapters used were a Baader M72-M68 and of course some M68 extensions. There's also a stepdown adapter from the 67-FL flattener to M72, you most likely have this already since it's an original Tak adapter..

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Thank you Ole Alexander. So you went all M68. There was a whole discussion on CN on possible vignetting with M54, especially on faster scopes. 
In the meantime I ordered my ASI6200MM. They now also offer a dedicated EOS-EF adapter for the EFW2. For my current setups I also use the EOS-EF mount to connect, so should be able to swap out cameras quickly. Received a message from ZWO yesterday that the order was complete and shipped....

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