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Spotted ! Space X satellite train.

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Just before 5.40 this morning , looked out to the northeast . A huge line of bright satellites !

Quite a sight ! Much wider apart than in the YouTube video  https://www.space.com/spacex-starlink-satellites-night-sky-visibility-guide.html

 I can see how it would affect research / imaging , but what a sight for the observer ! 



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There's a launch of another 60 of them today at 1449UT.

It's scary that it's so unregulated, and that anyone can put any old junk up there and bombard us with whatever commercial rubbish they wish. Especially when other organisations are looking at ways of cleaning up old space hardware up there. It's wanton greed and pollution, pure and simple.

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I am a fan of Musk and SpaceX normally, but not when it comes to this. However if SpaceX weren't first, it would just be someone else... At least SpaceX seem to be willing to do "something" to alleviate the problems associated with the reflectiveness of the satellites.

The real problem is that there are no global regulation on this...

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Not to dismiss your footage and good job catching this - it is interesting to see. I think to myself  (and now SGL I suppose!) it's a bit of a phenomenon at the moment, but what happens in a few years when there are an absolute ton of these? How many is Musk putting up, and how many other corporations and countries have plans to do similar I wonder? What if there are a couple of satellite trains like this every 10 minutes someday? Or just a continuous stream?  

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