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Abell1656 The Coma Galaxy Cluster deep field


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Hi all,

Making a deep Abell1656 has been on my bucket list for some years; and now I finally made an attempt at it. I escaped the fuss of Christmas and New Year's celebrations to enjoy a great week in Southern France Provence for imaging. The weather was great with 4 out of 6 crystal clear 12 hour long nights. This is the first result; a long haul in Luminance on this impressive Galaxy Cluster. I did not bother with colour as I feel it does not add much. 


Equipment: Homebuilt 10" f/3.8 Astrograph with Wynne corrector on a Mesu200 mount

Sensor: ASI-1600MM-Cool cmos -20°C

Exposure: 10 hrs (5 min subs)

Filter: Baader Luminance

Capture and Calibration: Sequence Generator Pro and Astro Pixel Processor


Thanks for checking it out,



abell 1656.jpg

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