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Vixen GPDX with Synscan Goto Upgrade

mark mc manus

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Hi all,has anybody ever put the Synscan Goto Upgrade (With motor drives) on a Vixen GPDX ?

My one has never had drives on it. I use an Orion Optics Europa 10" on it (8kg/17.5lbs)

The goal is to use this set-up for astrophotography.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes, it works.  I am not particularly mechanically gifted but I had no problems with the actual fitting.  The hard part was tuning the mount to get the backlash down to acceptable levels for guiding purposes without the RA motor stalling. 

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  • Cornelius Varley changed the title to Vixen GPDX with Synscan Goto Upgrade
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Lovely selection of photos in your gallery Didier!

I have used a GPDX with synscan, with Skysensor and now with basic DK3 motors.  All with success that is only limited by my lack or time and skill and dedication!

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On 25/01/2020 at 21:54, mark mc manus said:

Thanks for the response 👍

How did you tune it ?

My alternative is a second hand Skywatcher eq6 pro but its €399 versus €900 and seems such a shame to not use a classic like the GPDX (Which is is pristine condition)


Apologies, I have just noticed that I never replied to your question!  By “tuning”, I meant adjustment of the RA worm drive to minimise backlash.  Probably a moot point after all this time, but here’s a link to some instructions if you are still interested...


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I Ihave fitted the Syncscan EQ5 kit to my Vixen GP mount. Fitting was fine. However I noticed I could not get the scope to align after polar alignment. I have discovered when I rotate the mount in either DEC or RA by about 70 degrees of rotation on the Syncscan, this gives an actual rotation of 90 degrees on the scope. I assume this must be a gearing fearing issue but as far I am aware this should have been fine. I used all the gears in the kit which replaces the gear that is directly attached to the shafts. 
Anybody have any advice on this? 


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Hello There, I realise I am responding to an old thread and with a request for help at that.  I am currently trying to fit am EQ5 Synscan upgrade kit to my GPDX and having trouble getting the 2 piece Power Distribution/RA motor cover around the RA casting.  Could anyone help me with a few pictures of the mods required and the fitted cover please. The underside would be most useful.  Thanks in anticipation.

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