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Mick the Lob

New boy in the skies

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Just got my first scope had a couple of casual looks around the sky this going to be a bit of a learning curve. Would like to get into Astro photography eventually. 

The ccd cameras are hugely expensive so would be going DSLR route. From what I can gather  I would also need a tracker other than the Audiostar system that’s currently part of my setup any suggestions as to which one would be helpful. 

Only ever used a DSLR on a normal tripod up to now with normal lenses. Here are few  that I have taken in the past. Would like get some moon shots, galaxy shots in fact anything st all really. 







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Hello Mick, welcome to the lounge, nice images.



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Some cracking images there Grommet (sorry, I mean Mick!).

What you will need for astrophotgraphys is a driven equatorial mount which will track the movements of the targets accross the sky as well as keeping the orientation of your telescope consistant with the target.

I don't know wheter your mount is an EQ (equatorial) or ALT/AZ (Altitude and Azimuth). The issue with ALT/AZ is that the telescope and therefore the camera stays on the same plane in exactly the same was as panning and tilting on a camera tripod. The movement of the styars accross the sky follws an arc so the telesope needs to move from east to west and also 'twist' so that the target remeains orientated the same way for the whole capture period.

A basic EQ mount would be a EQ3/2 like this which can be motorised-https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-eq3-2-deluxe.html

Other optios are available with bigger capacity and slicker drives such as the HEQ5- https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-heq5-pro-synscan.html

many options exist either side of the HEQ5 price point.

For straight DSLR astrophotography there are mounts like this that fix to your tripod- https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-star-adventurer-astronomy-bundle.html

Good luck and enjoy.

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Hi Mick, welcome to SGL. Judging by those images you are off to a great start with Astro photography.

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Welcome. Great images. Have lots of fun. 🙂

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Hi Mick, a warm welcome from me way down south, some great images you have there, I love the Milky Way one with the Moon rising - brilliant.  Clear skies!

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Excellent photos! I'm a visual astronomer but admire all the astropics, the processes behind it are amazing. You'll be able to get some really good advice here on SGL. 

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Hi Mick, and a very warm welcome to the Lounge. Fabulous images btw 🙂


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Thank you chaps and chapesses think I will buy a wedge as my mount is Alt/Az l have eq mount that is motorised but have not got round to using it all's I will need is a dovetail to mount my camera on, with the static star trail stuff will I still need to take lots of say 30 second images and use star stacker to process the images. I will be limited to f5 with 440 mm of reach iso 1600 or 800 full frame. Think this should do assuming I manage to set up the mount correctly seems like a lot of messing around as far as I can see but the only way to keep things in registration. Could still use the lx90 as is for shorter exposures. Just got to learn to walk before i run.


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Hi Mick welcome. Judging by those pix I'll be asking you for advice. 

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Welcome from Land Down Under

Agree with all previous comments, great pics

Moon rising, you have caught it at the right moment


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Hi Mick, welcome to SGL :smile:

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Hi Mick, welcome to the community,  great images, see you around the forums.

Clear Skies.

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Hi Mick, welcome to SGL and thanks for sharing the beautiful images!

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    • By Toxophilus
      Due to a telescope upgrade I now have available my LX90 and a lot of accessories to go with it. The OTA itself has been upgraded and improved a lot it has had the following upgrades:
          Thrust bearing upgrade to smooth focusing
          Screws replaced with stainless
          Bob Knobs collimation knobs
          Flocked tube to improve image contrast
      The scope comes with all the standard accessories: 
          Meade 8x50 Finder Scope
          Meade 26mm super plössl eyepiece
          Meade 1.25" eyepieve connector
          Meade #918A 1.25" Diagonal Prism
          Meade Autostar hand controller and external control and update cables
          Meade field tripod
          and manuals
      Plus having used it for imaging and having de-forked the OTA to use it on a German Equatorial Mount it also comes with the following extras to allow a variety of options for both visual and imaging options:
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          ADM Losmandy Dovetail for 8" SCT
          Star Sharp Bhatinov Mask
          DewZap Dew Shield
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          Celeston f6.3 focal reducer
          Astro Engineering hand controller holder
          Meade variable projection tele-extender
          Astro Engineering Align Mate
          Meade 07567 f3.3 focal reducer and variable T-Adaptor
          1.25" Clear Sky CCD Filter
          1.25" Light Polution Filter
          1.25" OIII filter
          Power supply for Meade LX90
          Meade equatorial wedge with adaptor for the LX90
      The scope has now been put back onto its forks and tested. If you want to see detailed photographs of everything then please have a look at: 
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      Unfortunately due to the size and weight of the scope, the amount of kit I'm selling and lack of boxes, I can only do collection only.
      I'm looking for offers around £1000 for everything. But I'm willing to consider splitting if you don't want it all, just let me know what you are interested in and we can work out a price. For just the scope and standard accessories, I'm looking for offers in the region of £700, so for just £300 extra you are getting a lot of options. A quick add up of what this has all cost me new comes out at around £2500.
      I can accept payment via bank transfer, cash or pay-pal (buyer covers fees)
      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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      Hi All...
      I am wondering if anyone can help me?
      Just starting out imaging with a Meade LX90ACF 8". Whilst I am not new to this, I've changed my game from CCD to DSLR and am on the learning curve again! I am getting a strange reflection when I image anything bright, ie a star. Please can you have a look at the image and see if you have any tips to not get this crazy blue swirl... whilst it is pretty, it is clearly not anything in the sky and will always be on the image somewhere.
      Lunar or planetary.. not a problem... just the bright stuff (whether a short or long exposure). I've tried a canon 350d and 1300d.. both the same! I am still playing with my alt/dec % so am still getting a little star trail on this 3 min exposure, not worried about that!

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      Hi all, looking for a Meade 497 Autostar or Audiostar handbox/controller for an LX90, with or without cable. NOT Autostar 2.
      Must be willing to send to France, payment by bank transfer only no Paypal.
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      When I googled Vixen Porta II recently there were a couple of YouTube reviews but very little photographs of the mount , so I took these today after assembling the mount that arrived this morning . 
      Initial impressions are it is a great mount that is solidly built and very user friendly ...

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      My lovely 8" LX200 Classic has been de-mounted from my observatory pier and I'm selling a load of accessories that used to be used with it.
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