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Modded DSLR odd behaviour

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Well after literally weeks of waiting we have had some clear skies here in southern England and I've been getting out to do some AP. Still very much in the learning phase but seem to be gathering some good data, and getting in to a rhythm as to what to do setup wise etc.

However tonight I think I've stumbled upon a bit of a problem. My target has been the Heart Nebula. I set the scope and DSLR up fine and the first image I took I could definitely see the outline of something there albeit in the background of the typical hazy red images you get with a modified DSLR. Doing an auto stretch in APT definitely showed the heart nebula there - all good so far.......However, as the session has gone on the images background have got darker and darker, can still see stars but the red hue has gone and I can no longer see any trace of the nebula. The APT auto stretch doesn't show anything up either. I could be really optimistic and just put it down to the sky clearing but something doesn't seem right to me if auto stretch is not pulling out any detail. Is it possible that that camera has developed a fault and becomes less sensitive as the session goes on? I've attached the first and last images of the session so far as a comparison.

Any help / advice greatly appreciated!

L_0002_ISO1600_60s__16C.CR2 L_0065_ISO1600_60s__12C.CR2

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I would suspect seeing as well. Had the same experience on Sunday night. Went from clear spiral arms on the galaxy I was imaging, to only being able to see the core. Mean ADU had also risen almost 1500.. Stars were still visible but it was like a faint veil had been pulled over..

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1 hour ago, edarter said:

OK, thanks guys, going to put it down to seeing then, and maybe a bit of condensation build up as well. Time to start investigating dew heaters I guess! 

Without dew heaters I could not image, on an average night I get condensation after 30min of imaging.

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