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Venus with Baader UV filter, showing rotation over 2 days

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Venus is now at a very respectable altitude, plus some lovely clear skies. Perfect conditions (hopefully) to begin imaging it again.

Both images with Celestron C9.25, Asi290mm, Televue x1.8 Barlow and Baader UV filter. 25,000 frames captured, stacked 10%. Last image is with a Astronomik 807 filter.

Some nice detail visible on both days, particularly Saturday afternoon. It looks clearly like rotation visible to me over the 2 days? 


Saturday 18.01.2020 Baader UV filter


Sunday 19.01.2020 Baader UV filter


Sunday 19.01.2020 Astronomik 807 filter



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9 hours ago, JamesF said:

Those look excellent.  I'm not sure the 807 filter is very giving, but the detail from the Baader UV is amazing.


The only reason used it was because my 742 was in my filter wheel, just a bit lazy 🙂

The 807 is normally saved for really poor conditions 

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Nice captures. I have one of those Venus UV filters which I'm looking forward to trying out over the next few months.

BTW, although Venus rotates once every 243 days, the clouds circle the planet every 4 days so you can see changes over a relatively short period.

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4 hours ago, Davey-T said:



What a nice surprise,  they asked me a while back if they could use it. I didn't think they would though, out on Thursday I think?

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