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Well Well last night was AWSOME for Mars both visually and Imaging wise, the following image is my first mars pic with a Toucam and it has to be said i am quite Proud of it :).Not great by any means but i love it cant wait till the next time out.

Will give you all a proper report later as i am in pain at the moment with a sprained foot(dont ask).


James :)

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You think so?

OK, I guess I ought to use the time between now and then to really get to grips with it, and the settings for the camera.

And those are just excellent! What a difference the extra frames make - stunning.

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Got an ETX125 UHTC with Autostar etc etc and tried it out last night.

Must be said i was quite suprised how well it performed even in Alt AZI Mode. Visually it tracked amazingly well keeping objects in the centre FOV of the eyepiece's(40,25,10), i used 2 star alignment and picked Vega and Cappela the goto was a little off prob due to my own faults on setup as it was first time out with the scope lol..Anyway i just synched on each object and the goto worked a treat from then on. Must of seen around 50 objects whilst waiting for Mars to come up in my uk skies(1.45am).

Now onto Mars it was AWSOME i remember 2 yrs back looking at mars with a 8" reflector i had and tonights view's beat it hands down . After viewing for around an hour i decided to image Mars with my Toucam Pro SC.1.5 and got some cracking result's i think..


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That's an awesome looking image matey. Stunning :sunny:

And it makes me miss owning a Mak so so so so so much. I was out with the Newt last night but the view of Mars compared to the 127 was a pretty big let down. Gotta get a another Mak real soon!


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The Newt isn't a planetary scope though! I think you best bet is to get the focuser fixed on the intes and then sell that to fund the Skymas 150! Then you'd have a great planetery scope and a great DSO scope...


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