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COMPLETED - Sky At Night mags 2016, 2017, 2018

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3 batches of six S@N mags, all in excellent, flicked-thru-once condition :)

  • Jan-Jun 2018
  • Jul-Dec 2018
  • Jan-Jun 2019   SOLD
  • Jul-Dec 2019   SOLD
  • Aug, Sep, Oct & Nov 2016 and May & Jun 2017 (condition of these good)

Each batch £8 + £3 P&P


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Not easy to sell these Mags. which is a shame as they are not cheap to buy.
I gave a whole 4 years worth to a chap who bought a Mount from me a few years ago.
Every Magazine was pristine, and each  had the CD Rom that used to be attached too.
It's just comforting to know they are going to be of use to someone else, rather than get binned,
which can be a sad end for them.  I've also left odd ones in Doctors Surgeries, and Hospital Waiting areas.


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On 06/02/2020 at 08:01, ChrisEll said:

Guys, I've sold batches of S@N mags in the past, yes you have to be patient but if you're willing to post them and be flexible on price they will sell eventually.

Wish I'd seen this yesterday. Just recycled 4 years of S@N/AN. Tried to Freecycle and got somebody to take 4 for their child who was doing a school project. Seems such a waste but once I've read them I don't normally go back to them so they were just clutter.

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