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Newbie from Surrey, UK

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Hi, I am from Mytchett, Surrey (UK) and just getting into star-gazing and astronomy. Just purchased my first (albeit) second-hand telescope, which is a Sky-Watcher SK 767AZ1 reflecting telescope (seemed like a good beginner scope to use, though can't find much in English online about it, other than the user manual). Hoping to get a clear sky tomorrow night, to give it a trial run!  

Looking forward to getting to know you all and getting all your sage advice!  

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I think the most important thing you can do is to make sure that you know how your new scope fits together and functions in daylight - much easier than fumbling around in the dark trying to work out what goes where and what knob / screw does what.

Secondly, try and get your finder scope accurately aligned with the main scope in daylight as well. Use a distant target such as a tree top or house chimney. When you have a target on the cross hairs of the finder scope you need to be confident that the view at low power with the main scope will also have the target in the middle of the view.

Thirdly, initially get a feel for observing using your lowest power eyepiece - that is the one with the largest number printed on it, eg: 25mm or 20mm. Once you are comfortable and are getting good sharp views with that eyepiece then you can try higher power using a shorter focal length eyepiece, eg: 10mm.  If the scope is supplied with a barlow lens and / or an erecting eyepiece they are best not used to start with because they can present challenges of their own.

Pick easy targets such as the moon to start with to gain confidence and have fun :smiley:

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Welcome. Hope you have lots of fun. 🙂

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Hi, welcome to SGL, I repeat all what John has said.

Good luck. 

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Hi @Simple-Human, welcome to SGL. I lived just up the road from you at Frimley for 21 years before moving to Norfolk nearly 4 years ago. Despite the LP in that part of Surrey/Hants, I still had many enjoyable hours under the stars, both visual and AP. I was a member at Farnham Astronomy Society, who meet monthly at Aldershot Cricket Club on the 2nd Tuesday each month, so tonight would be a meeting night if you wanted to pop along there. See details on their website at https://www.farnham-as.co.uk/

They are a very friendly bunch and visitors are always welcome, so no obligation to join. I still have some astronomy friends living in Mytchett, so there might be some local help getting going if you wanted it.

Good luck

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Welcome from Land Down Under

You travel the universe in this forum

I totally agree with what Geof said, about rocking up to your local club

Club members only to happy to show you their equipment, and sort any issued you have

My own club, also has loan scopes as well, LX90, several 10" Flex Dobs, Lunt  solar scope as well


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Hello and welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy using your scope, any problems just post in the relevant forum,

you will soon get an answer.

Good luck and Clear Sky's.

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