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To encourage and assist amateurs interested in making 3D printed spectrographs, we will prepare a web sub-group for them.
There are at least four concept designs being discussed - Paul's "LowSpec",
John's "Littrow", Christian's "UVEX" and Tony's "TRAGOS".


You are more than welcome to visit and check out this exciting new development in amateur spectroscopy.

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    • By ringz
      Would anyone with 3D printer experience care to give an opinion on Aldi's offering of a 3D printer?
      Aldi's 3D Printer Page link
    • By bluemaxroe
      Hi All, just thought i would show the results of a little project.
      I have been guiding with my Orion Mini Fifty with great success using a ED80 F7.5 scope to image through.   recently though i wanted to get a little closer to some of the objects coming up in the summer sky.   M13, M3,  M33, M27, Cygnus wall, m101, wizard nebula... etc etc the list goes on.  
      I will be trying with my 2x barlow giving a focal length of 1200.  Which should be OK guiding with my mini fifty, but i wanted to try and match the pixel ratio a bit better to see if it helped, BUT i cannot get focus on the mini fifty when i use a 2x barlow on that...   i can screw the barlow lens directly to the end of my QHY5ii_L mono but the focus point puts the camera about 1mm out of the back of the tube.   TOO CLOSE to use a barlow as an extension tube because of the internal shoulder.... hmm dilemma.   
      Now i am a product designer so to the drawing board i went....well to Sketchup anyway.   Money is always tight so an aluminium turned part was out, but a rigid plastic 3d printed part was on the cards.     And as luck would have it, my work bought a new SLA 3D printer (Form2) from form labs) capable of printing to 25 micron resolution.   I thought Christmas had come early!
      attached are images of the final part attached to the rear part of the Mini Fifty, ready to be screwed in place.   Not sure how i managed it but i got the tolerances right first time....and measuring the rear part with a ruler. 
      fitting diameter to slide over the rear part of the min fifty = 42.25 diameter.
      fitting for the camera (1.25") = 32.5 diameter.
      as you may have noticed i will need to add 3 x M3 threaded inserts to the back end of this to clamp the QHY securely in.   i can post images after this is done.
      if anyone wants this model i can provide it.  None of the internal/external detail is needed really, but this was to see what the Form2 could do.   And i can say ........it is amazing.  (for everything but closed cavity printing.
      clear skies everyone.

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