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More disappointing weather forecasts - IC63 - Tak 180ed


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Again let down by the sky not actually clearing at all.  A whole evening spent watching SGPro whilst it lost guidestar after guidestar.

I was able to 'salvage' 5 subs, each 600s long, in Ha - to yield this...


On the plus side - my new CWs arrived from @NigeB thank-you Nigel - they are in much better condition than my own.!  I now have four matching weights, and my kit looks pretty decent overall.






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Excellent! The weights look good; the bit on the other side looks even better...! Nice image. I've had similar weather issues. The latest annoyance is clear skies but lots of wind, which doesn't do  much for guiding  at 3916 mm focal length 😞

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