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How to rotate raw files and save them

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Sometimes you have problems that you can't find solutions to and you push it to the future how to solve it. In my data there are photos I took already in 2013 that I accidentally had the camera's auto rotation turned on. As a result, as the mount moved during the night, the orientation of some of the photos changed.

Since then I have tried to change the rotation so that all of the raw photos will be back to a horizontal orientation again which many of the astro software require. Changing the orientation is easy in most software, but to save them in Canon's .cr2 format again I never found a solution to until now.

Here's how I solved it:

I have only done this on Canon's .cr2 files. Let me know if you can use this for other cameras, Nikon, Sony etc. You have at least to change the file extension inside the batch file.


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Maybe I'm missing the point but I thought you could rotate them in the Canon Digital Professional that comes on the disc with the camera.


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Hi Dave,

Yes I can rotate the Canon raw files with Canon software, but can I store the new rotation in the .cr2 file with that software ? It's only a windows software I think and it can only handle Canon raw files. It was many years since I had that Canon software installed, but there was some problem with it that I don't remeber now.


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    • By OlegKutkov
      This is my first post here and I wish to introduce a little program i wrote.
      This is a RAW to FITS batch converter. Converter supports many cameras vendors: Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Fuji, Konica, Hasselblad and so on.
      May be useful for someone who shooting space with DSLR and wanna do a real science, search for variable stars for example.
      Program is very simple (see attached screenshot), you just set input directory, output directory and few conversion options.
      You can choose how to process color channels from the RAW file.
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      - convert RGB to avarage grayscale
      - store all three channels as separate images in a one FITS.
      - store all three channels in a separate FITS's
      - store only one selected channel
      Converter supports multithreading conversion, depending on your cpu/cores count.
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      Also you will need cfitsio, any version is Ok.
      User interface is built with GTK3 toolkit and tested with Gnome 3, Mate and Cinnamon DE on different Mint, Debian and Fedora distributions.
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      I will be glad to hear your feedback, propositions and bug reports


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      I'm running windows 7 Professional on a x64 System and have downloaded and installed the official Microsoft Camera Codec Pack (6.3.9721.0)  (have tried both versions (x64 and x86) but neither got the thumbnails to show in windows explorer.
      The CR2 images are created on the Canon 1300D. According to the Canon website, they are compatible and no additional codecs are required.
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      I've recently started DSO imaging: Canon EOS 550D (modded), Celestron 9.25 SCT, AVX mount.
      I use BYE, save RAW + JPEG to laptop, then process in DSS.
      When I go into Register checked images: advanced: compute number of detected stars; I get a decent number (approx 250) if I am registering JPEG images at 2%, but very few, often zero, with RAW images of the same object, no matter where I put the slider.
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      Thank you.
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      Here's the kit
      C9.25" sct
      Dmk 21 mono
      Ir 740mn pass filter
      Cgem on pier
      Average 1200 frames best 90% stacked

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