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COMPLETED - Atik Infinity color - free 35mm lens $349 or swap.

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For sale or swap, Atik Infinity color with Japanese 35mm f1.9 mini lens / comet hunter.  I've used the Atik on all of my scopes for imaging and EEVA, also used mini 35mm lens with Atik for viewing night sky and bird feeder watching.  Fully adjustable beautiful little lens.  The drivers and Infinity software are available via website download.  Infinity software is flexible with live stacking option, fully adjustable color offsets, saves individual files as fits, save stack as fits or tiff plus replay and many other options.  

Below is example of mini 35mm lens with Atik Infinity, only have soft yellow light, its night / dog is brown and black so he doesn't really pop.  A red Cardinal is brilliantly red in daylight as is a blue Blue Jay, least gives you idea of chip condition.

Full disclosure A.  12v cord not included, sorry need it for new camera.  Will take any normal astro 12v cord specs on website.  B. Original outlet cord included works but is little loose, its a defect of cord itself, don't have same issue with 12v cord.  If position cord on top wont have any worries of it falling out or as mentioned use different 12v or outlet cord.  C.  Mounted plastic GoPro accessory attachment to the rear for tripod use, doesn't weigh anything.  Can heat up with hair dryer and remove if so inclined.

Location Wisconsin USA.

Price $349 plus shipping.

Swap - meteorites similar value, fossils similar value, old bottles similar value (unbroken).

Thanks for looking.


1 - Copy.jpg

2 - Copy.jpg

3 - Copy.jpg

a-2 - Copy.jpg

a - Copy.jpg

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