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Expensive Eyepieces

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This is more just out of curiosity than anything else - can't afford any just now but...

I have a Celestron 80 GTL - How much of a difference would I get using expensive eyepieces instead of the stock ones? Is there much difference that would be noticable in a small scope such as mine? Are the stock ones going to give me as much as I'm going to get from the scope?


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the thing about telescopes (I find) is the more you look through them the more you come to appreciate the difference between good and less good optics. If you are just beginning, I suspect you won't see a big difference - after 6 months or so, you probably would. after a year, you will want more expensive ones than the expensive ones :(


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I Agree Dan. The first times I used my Megrez 90 with skywatcher "stock" eyepieces I was blown away; I especially remember beeing super fascinated with the double cluster and the tiny tiny points of light.

I am still at the bottom of the learning curve of visual astronomy but now I only swear over "kidney beans" (my 9mm is horrible!) and the funny looking stars that are not in the centre.

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Hi Brian,

I think you notice the difference when you are trying to see things on the edge of your scopes performance potential, eg: faint moons of Saturn, the additional componants of the Trapezium in the Orion Neblua.

The performances difference between the stock eyepieces that they supply free with scopes and a decent eyepiece (eg: a Tele Vue Plossl, a Hyperion or similar) are quite obvious but the improvements after that are more subtle and I guess the more expereinece you have the more you would notice them.


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