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First it was Europa...


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...now it's Enceladus, it seems. Things are looking up in the hunt for extraterrestrial life! Is it pure coincidence that the best prospects for a planet or satellite harbouring life, are if its name begins with an 'E'?

'E-Mars', anyone? :(

E by gum! There be life out the somewhere. :D

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According to mythology*, the Giant Enceladus was pursued and overcome by Athene (or maybe Herakles), who broke off a piece of Italy and buried him underneath it, thereby creating Sicily. However Enceladus is still alive under there and still breathing fire - hence: Etna.

Interesting that Enceladus is one of only three Solar System moons on which active volcanoes have been discovered (the others being Io and Triton).

*yes I had to look it up too!

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