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Cases / boxes for 127 Mak ???


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Hi All,

I've had a 'search' but couldn't find any post's for info on suitsble cases to store a 127 Mak. I have and am still looking, but if any one could speed up my search with what they already have, help would be much appreciated :( .

Thanks in advance to all.

[move]MERRY CHRISTMAS[/move]

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I have a 140mm Mak and it fits comfortably (with finder but without dewshade) into a Black and Decker 26 inch long toolbox with a bit of foam to stop it rattling about. I don't know how long the 127 is, but I found that a lot of toolboxes were a bit too short or had built-in compartments that left too little room for the scope. But the 26 inch is ideal and means the telescope can be carried to dark sites very easily - Hugh

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Hi Jaffa007,

I have a 127mm Mak and I'm transporting it in a padded rucksack for laptops. I put a bit of extra foam in the bottom and the front and bob's your uncle :(

Keeping the OTA and mount still wrapped in their bubble-wrap for extra protection as well, I can get everything in the rucksack except the tripod and the (home-made) dew shield...

Hope you find something that works for you...


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Thanks guys,

The scope measures 370mm [14.56"] long ref.

The Black & Decker box sounds ideal. I think I'd prefer a solid sided case to a rucksack, only cause I've got young kids that want to be Power Ranger/ Anakin Skywalker /Indy Jones, kicking, jumping all over the place :(:D

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B&Q did (and I assume still do) a large tool box with 2 wheels and a pull out handle a bit like the wheel along suitcases.

I have my mak padded in the bottom (main) section along with a pair of bins and the top tray holds eps, finders, diagonal etc.

The only things not in there are the mount and camera. It keeps everything safe from the children. :(

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