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Collimating a Skywatcher 250PX dob

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Hi again😅

Collimation is my next problem. Together with the telescope I got a laser ... I put it in the focuser, I circle it around and the laser point also comes full circle. I need something good that you recommend?

Ps. Sorry for off topic . If IT is nessesary ,move to right place.

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Here's the cradle I made up to test the collimator.  The metal parts are some bits of heavy duty weldmesh I had lying around. It ain't beautiful but it does the job.

It's worth mentioning that with the collimator there was, I think, one double sided sheet of instructions which told you how to use it to collimate a telescope but it didn't say how to collimate the laser or even that it might be necessary or indeed explain about the 3 hidden adjustment screws. Having set it up once it works fine and I periodically check it but it hasn't changed at all.

I forgot to mention that as delivered the collimator was significantly out of wack.

laser 005s.JPG

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The inexpensie lasers rarely are even close to alignment as received. No excuse for not including colimating procedure for the colimator.. I found putting the colimator in a lathe and shining the beam through the headstock works perfectly. Worth mentioneg though to remember to check your focuser for being square to the tube and that the drawtube doesn’t twist or shift out of line when moved.

Now use a Hotec which is properly colimated from the factory and is self centering. 👍🏻

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