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Re-worked M42 - got to fill the time somehow!


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Such appalling conditions so a re-work was called for to keep my hand in. The first image shows the original posted here and the second is the re-work where I have tried to release more of the dust finer detail - but was it worth it?





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I like the sharper version Steve, more in keeping with the HST pics. I have been playing with the same dust bits and tried every trick I know and then some to get decent amount of detail in them, but I think its gonna have to be several more hours of exposure, preferably from a dark sky I think, the sharpening just makes them look noisy it seems.

There is a tremendous amount of structure and detail locked up in there, as this pic shows


when are the clouds/mist/fog gonna GO AWAY???? AAARGH

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but I think its gonna have to be several more hours of exposure

That how I feel about this image I need much more data but as the first line of my post says, that is currently a BIG problem :lol: :lol:

the second looks like a sharpened process, I prefer the smoother first image

I don't normally apply ANY sharpening to my DSO images and I really loved the original's more natural appearance but although aesthetically pleasing (to me anyway!) I was aware that the dust areas could have been a bit sharper so I have tried to sharpen them 'sympathetically' - I like the effect that this sharpening has had on the Running Man detail though.

Turned it around Steve. icon_mrgreen.gif

Thanks, Ron and you are 'right' to do so! But, just as no-one can hear you scream in space, which way is really up? :(:D

TJ, thanks for reminding me how it should be done! :oops:

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Hello Steve,

The dust in the second image is certainly more defined, but at the expense of quite a bit more noise.

As with Steve L's rework a short while ago, I don't think you've teased any more detail out with the reprocess...all the detail is still there in the first image too.

The running man certainly looks better though, and I think that Keiths' suggestion is a good one....layer the reprocessed version on top of the original and rub through....that way you can keep a really smooth background but take advantage of some of the sharper dust areas.



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I think I agree with Mark...

Somewhere between the two would be spot on...

Trying to decide what data I have got to play with...

I think I'll have to download the evaluation version of Registar as I could then use all the data from the different cameras and scopes...well if it does what it says on the tin....



Downloaded the evalution version save is disabled so limited to doing screendumps to do any further processing in another package. The combine option is interesting as it allows you to weight the different images so should be good for HDR style shots... will play more later when I get home...

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I do like the second sharper version in this case, normally I prefer images to be softer (mushy?) I suppose it depends on the target.

I always try image North up, I always presumed imagining the subject to be a naked eye mirror?

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