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COMPLETED - Primaluce Eagle 3 + cables

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Bit of a longshot, does anyone have a Primaluce Eagle 3 + cables going for sale. I am toying between this option or an Intel NUC/Pegasus Pocket Powerbox to automate my observatory.

Thanks in advance and a Happy New Year.

MIG Observatory

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    • By daz
      Primaluce Labs PLUS Vixen/Losmandy dovetail clamp ** SOLD **

      Primaluce Labs PLUS Big dovetail ** SOLD **
      Both are in excellent condition and come with the mounting screws, boxed and include UK postage (small parcel)
      Bank transfer or PayPal (+fees)
      Thanks for looking

    • By GDS
      I’m trying to find indication (shareable evidence) of when the first telescopic photo of the Pillars Of Creation was produced.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?
    • By glowingturnip
      Here's my last one from my summer crop - it actually turned into a year-long project, I took the Ha in August 2017, the OIII in July this year and the SII in August.


      10 each x900s Ha, OIII and SII, darks flats and bias, equipment as per sig, taken in southern Spain, PI processing.
      Just for fun, here's a side-by-side comparison of my Pillars of Creation vs Nasa's, can you guess which is which ?  

      Ok, not much of a contest really, but then their telescope is a bit more expensive than mine is !  Quite interesting to have a close look though, there are a number of features in common that I have managed to pick up that aren't apparent at first glance.
      I'd be happy to receive feedback on what you think, feel free to be honest since I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, especially the colours.  Comments and cc welcome.
      Hope you enjoy,
      [edited to fix Flickr link}
    • By 25585
      Bought to mount my Tak FC100DL using 2 clamshell rings. 
      Three knobs are definitely better than 2! 
      Primaluce red is mid-red, not pink. No photo shows the colour correctly because of its metallic anodised finish. Very pleasing. 
      Losmandy D bar is 495mm long. Holes are good for a Skytee 2 mount. Clamp knobs are aluminium. Heavy & sturdy enough for my SW 120 Equinox, C8 & an 8 inch Newtonian OTAs. Tempted to buy Primaluce rings now, as they do 95mm for FC Tak fracs. 
      Tak mounted photos to follow later. 
      I bought direct from Primaluce through their Web site & saved a little bit paying in €uros. 

    • By 25585
      While researching who sold tube ring sizes I need, I came across Primaluce https://www.widescreen-centre.co.uk/primaluce-lab
      Has anyone anything made by that company? The rings look strong, (but are red).
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