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Lidl Scope

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I use the same Lidl telescope as a cheap finder and guide scope on my 10" SCT and I have been pleasantly surprised that the images are quite acceptable. There are some blue halo's around bright stars, but apart from that has been good to me in the 2 years I have had it. But it only cost me £50, so have no complaints at all. It has done the job fantastically. I'm am just looking to save up for a nice 80mm with better optics to replace it now.

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I've bought one tonight for the very same purpose. Excellent value and would be perfect as a first scope for someone. I intend using mine whilst the C11 is cooling down or when I just fancy popping out for a quick nosey around the sky but can't be bothered to lug the C11 and EQ6 outside. I suspect the diagonal and eyepieces aren't much good but that's ok as I can use my Celestron diagonal and eyepieces, etc. I'm so pleased with it I'm planning on getting up early tomorrow and testing it out on Saturn, might even try a little afocal astrophotography just to try and gauge how good/bad the optics are, should be fun I hope.

I also bought another pair of the Bresser binos (10x50) because I think they are such a good bargain (besides it's cheaper than paying to have my old pair repaired - I dropped them and they've never been the same since).

Lidl - good value when it comes to things like this! :hello1:

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That's a point. If you have good eyepieces already, use them in preference to the ones supplied with the scope. If you haven't got any good eyepieces, purchasing one (or more if you can afford it) will improve the performance of this scope (and many others).

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