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So I had a free day yesterday and decided to sort out my equipment and update my astro laptop software packages. I downloaded the latest Stellarium and managed to get it to sync with APT. I installed my Xmas present from my sweetheart (Optolong L-eNhance filter) how did she know it's what I wanted??? I recently installed the free trial version of Pixinsight on my main laptop so after watching a few YouTube videos decided to get some Dark and Bias frames to create some masters ready for my next session.

The weather was good yesterday and it stayed clear here as the sun started to set, so I set everything up outside hoping the apps were wrong and it wouldn't get cloudy. As it got darker I launched Sharpcap and completed a polar allingment, I used Stellarium and APT to slew to Vega and checked the focus was good. I then used Goto++ in APT to slew to NGC 7380 (Wizard Nebula), I set PHD2 off guiding and then I had my first issue; my laptop would not connect to my Lyn Astro dew controller so I manually set the temperature to quite low as it wasn't too damp at that time. So I started capturing 5 minute subs went inside and remoted into my astro laptop from my main laptop to check how it was going, all appeared good.
I recently set up a Rpi NAS at home so I'm able to transfer data to it and then to my other laptop on the go, so after I'd got a few subs I opened them in PI to check the quality, they looked ok to me. after about an hour PHD2 started binging a lost star warning so I went outside and the clouds were starting to cover the sky, I then took loads of flat frames using my main laptop, Notepad and 3 sheets of white paper and decided to take some more darks in case it cleared. I then set about trying to process the 9 subs I'd managed to capture with the 200 flat frames the master bias and dark frames I'd created earlier. Despite the lack of subs I'm quite pleased with the result, I have done a quick Histogram stretch, and the knowledge I have gained, I'm definately going to purchase PI when I can afford it.

So this morning I thought I'd sort out the issue with the connection to the Lynx Astro dew controller, you won't believe it, my Astro Laptop will not turn on, it's been playing up for a while I suspect the battery has died. So just when I thought I was getting on top of this frustrating hobby I get another spanner in the works. So do I gamble and order a new battery then discover it is the laptop that has failed, do I set up another old laptop I have and hope it will be ok, do I set up my Rpi3 with Indigo or do I buy a mini PC as I know my way around windows?

Anyway here's the calibrated stacked image as it is in PI with a quick stretch.


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    • By bencevokoszt
      Hey guys, can you help me with how to fix this?
    • By vineyard
      Here's my first shot at M35.  Primaluce 72ED, Astronomik CLS-CCD filter, ASI 178MC, Pixinsight.  Only 20 lights of 30 sec.  Biases & flats applied.  There's definitely some weird things in there (a line of small red dots towards the bottom right hand corner, about an inch or so in from each edge).  I don't think its a processing artefact, because it appears in the first integrated image.  I tried to upload 16 bit darks but PI is again not letting me do that for some reason (but it does let me load 8 bit darks).  I'm thinking it could be hot pixels (?) but wouldn't they be removed by the biases?  I tried processing the lights with both 8 bit darks added, and no darks, and the image was better without the 8 bit darks.  In both cases that little pattern is there.  Does anybody have ideas where that's coming from (or has anyone experienced that before)?
      (PS: that weird motif is best seen by zooming in on the image.  And then you can see it appears in other parts of the image too.  It seems to already be in the image after integration, but before any other processing is done.  Is there such a thing as a stacking artefact - if so, how could I avoid that?  Thank you!)

    • By Dinglem
      I recently posted a picture of B33 using my Optolong L-Enhance filter which was not too bad, a bit red, for my first time trying out Pixinsight. Last night I managed to get nearly 2 hours using my IDAS D2 LPS filter and after watching many Youtube videos I've managed to get the following using my Esprit 100ED and modded canon 450D, 21*300s Lights, flats, darks and bias frames. I think I'm starting to get my head around post processing.

    • By Dinglem
      This is my first image using my Optolong L-Enhance dual band filter and the free version of Pixinsight, which does certainly take a lot of time to learn. I know it's not going to win any prizes but I'm quite pleased with it. Especially after all the time it's taken me to produce Master Darks, bias and flats today, luckily the weather has meant I've been stuck indoors most of the day.
      This is with my Esprit 100ED, Canon 450D, 24 * 300s Lights, 100 flats, 100 Bias & 30 darks. I do struggle with post processing as I'm not very artistic, so all advice on where to go forward with this will be appreciated. I am hoping to get some more subs with my LP filter to add to it.

    • By teoria_del_big_bang
      When using ImageIntegration process do you need to select "Subtract Pedestals" under the Image Integration parameters?
      If so do you need to do this for all images, Darks, Flats, Lights etc?

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