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I went to my family house in the countryside and was able to take some pictures during xmas eve.


Total exposure: 6h
H_Alpha: ~3h (730x15s) --> R, G
Oxigen III: ~3h (710x15s) --> B, G

I didn't have a view on Polaris and could not spend too much time drift aligning (it was xmas eve after all :D) hence the short exposures. Moreover I dont have the proper connection rings to put my flattener on my mono camera so all stars off center are a mess :_(.

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It is a very nice image, i like the colours best of all. Spacing I find a nightmare I have two issues with different scopes, Even when you know what you need it seems far from easy to actually get hold ot the bits and understanding the mass of different thread sizes only adds to the confusion.


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Thanks Alan! You're totally right, I'm still learning and sometimes it feels like I'm trying to play a puzzle of "how to get to 45mm with pieces A, B and C", and most of the pieces dont fit!

@Bryan, I used a Tak FS60-CB (without flattener) and ASI 1600MM (astronomiks NB filters) on a Star Adventurer Pro.


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      Back from a break 🙂
      A productive evening was  the 22 November. I have a strange field of view at home, so along session means I get data on several targets, and at this time of year I often can't revisit for more data. This means these images need to be seen as 'works in progress' that will need more subs adding in the future. Also, I've used Jpegs because my broadband is playing up some of the subtleties are lost (he claimed!) 😞
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