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Walking on the Moon

The Seagull, IC 2177


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Looks Image looks very rich, but very nice too.

I believe it is also known as Gum-1 Emission neb too. I only know because I was looking at an Image of it by Richard Crisp in Ha. There's enough nebulous targets in Monoceros, to keep one occupied for Months + :(

I like the Mono version better. It is very like Crisp's, except his is a large image, taking in most of the head section top right.

Ron. :D

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Another stunning few images... think our Rog is stuck in a time warp - the Color era has passed him by ... either that or he thinks the license is cheaper... Only kidding Rog... Might have to have a go at this mono marlraky myself if the only clear nights ar going to be LP'd (luna polluted) :(

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Wow, I cant even see this from where I live.

Superb images. Please stop posting now as you make the rest of us look bad :( Just joking of course.

This is a rare occasion where I prefer the mono version, but only against that colour where it does seem to be a little pushed. In general I prefer the colour pics, as the mono are only half the story, (Actually, only 1/4 of the story I suppose), and as those colours are there, what a shame not to capture them with the only possible way we can ever see them as they truly are.

I would love to have been there when the very first colour plate of an astrophotograph was developed, they must have been blown away by the colours!

Any chance you could share the exposure details? You must be a fair bit further south than me I should have thought to get an image that good on such a low object?



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I'm at 52N which translates as near Harwich, Essex but I overlook a large bay and the North Sea so my horizon is pretty low. The picture was taken with the Tak FSQ 106 at f5 and the Artemis 11002. I seem to recall about 17 8m subs combined in Maxim and slightly massaged in PS. Guiding by Atik on a ZS80 and AP1200.


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