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Quadrantid Meteor Shower Peaks 2020 JAN 03-04

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The annual Quadrantid Meteor Shower may already be underway, and is expected to peak during the night of 2020 JAN 03-04. Its radiant is in the no longer official constellation Quadrans Muralis, which is now part of Boötes. That is the direction toward which the meteor tails point, but the meteors are equally likely to appear anywhere in your sky. It is conjectured that the Quadrantids are debris from the asteroid 2003 EH1, which in turn may have been a castoff from comet C/1490 Y1.

The peak rate of the Quadrantids can be as great as the normally most prolific annual showers at possibly a hundred per hour for sharp eyed observers in dark skies. However, the peak period of less than half a day is unusually short, thus implying a narrow stream of particles. Also, the meteors are normally not very bright.

The show begins after Boötes rises, which is around local midnight for mid-latitude northern hemisphere observers, but later in the southern hemisphere. It will continue through morning twilight. Moderate interference might be expected during the peak from the waxing gibbous Moon until it sets.


Descriptions of the shower or perhaps even lucky photos would be welcome additions to this thread.

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Quite a clear sky over Lowestoft in the early hours Jan 04. Moon set about midnight. Observing from Midnight until 3:30am. Saw 24 meteors of which 23 probably Quadrantids. Imaged 2. Bright white meteors some leaving a momentary trail. 

About 2:0am, with only my little red torch for company, went to sit down on garden chair missed and ended up in flower bed. Must be getting old! No dignity left and arthritis now playing up.

Regards from George.

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Posted (edited)

Had a look from the garden 01.40-02.20 it clouded up at 02.30, only observed three meteors, one was heading the opposite way towards the Quadrantid radient. 

observed this one from the Quadrantid radient at 02.15


Quantradid small.jpg




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