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Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2020


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I just thought some more information might be of use for the upcoming October Star Camp.

I have taken it from https://www.mooninfo.org/moon-phases/october-2020.html



New Moon October 2020

Moon phase details for Friday, October 16, 2020

• Moon Phase: New Moon - 20:32:14 ↑

• Illumination: 0%

• Moon Age: 29.44 days

• Moon Angle: 0.55

• Moon Distance: 363,407.357 km

Moonrise: 06:31:38

Moonset: 18:23:53

• Sun Angle: 0.54

• Sun Distance: 149,070,605.152 km

Sunrise: 07:25:27

• Golden Hour Ends: 08:11:31

Sunset: 18:08:10

• Golden Hour Starts: 17:22:06

• Length of day: 10h 42m 43s



So nice long dark nights  between the moon phases  being visible up in the sky at all. In fact the moon is setting later and later as the month progresses, a benefit to us all.

( That is apart from Damian who loves the moon of course! Sorry Damian). 😈

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2 hours ago, Dr_Ju_ju said:

Not yet, but then I haven't for the last few, as I turn up a week earlier, but this time I will when Lesley gives the all clear....

Sorry Julian,  but that will not be possible unless the Covid restriction  rules are completely relaxed before the Autumn  Star Camp. The limit is 25 and these places were  completely booked by the 25 May this year as stated in an earlier post. You must book ahead. I did warn every one about this. Lesley will not allow any more due to the Scottish Government restrictions. She would be prosecuted and possibly shut down. You can book on the off chance if anyone drops out, or if the rules are relaxed by the Star Camp date. But it is strictly first come first served if that happens. If people turn up without booking or on the off chance they will be turned away I am afraid.


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UPDATE !!!!!

Reason for this unexpected post is :

We have just narrowly averted a potential disaster for one member.


Those wishing to attend the Star Camp MUST READ the ANNOUNCEMENTS to avoid potential future disappointments !


I cannot stress this enough. We are in the hands of the Scottish Government rules on Covid Restrictions




Hi Everyone.



I spoke to the site owner Lesley yesterday, she is still awaiting


 an announcement from the Scottish Government as to when she will be able to open up the site to the general public.


At present Scotland is at Stage 1.


and we are hoping that within the next few days or so this will change to Stage 2 with extra freedoms for the Scottish Population.


Lesley is still hoping that Stage 3 will be introduced around 15th July if everything goes according to expectations, and herein lies the problem! EXPECTATIONS!!




Please note:

Our Star Camp is now fully booked at 25 pitches.


(no general public are allowed during those dates).





If and ONLY IF all restrictions are relaxed the site may become open to more than the expected/hoped for present 25 person limit.


Then those on the waiting list ( which is on a "First Come First Served" basis ), will be able to attend also up to the normal camp limits.



I will as I have already said,  keep you all updated as soon as more information comes my way.




I have noticed a very worrying trend where I live.

Yesterday we needed some essential items of food. Whilst out we went to a local ASDA and ALDI.

In neither shop, virtually no one was wearing face masks or covering. (I would estimate  95% without any precautions)

To cap it all most were ignoring the shop's own one way direction of travel up and down the aisles.

People were just not respecting the 2 metre rule or for that matter even a one metre separation.

At both shops the inside the policing of this has been completely abandoned.

COVID-19 is still at a high in the UK population. Estimated at around 1-2 in 1000 people.

My wife is now allowed to visit her mother in hospital as she is dying. Annette was a Sister on a the same ward before retiring. She knows the nurses there.

During the worst of the Pandemic the nurses were tested. It was found that over 80% of them have had the virus most without any substantial symptoms.

You could be among those carrying the Covid-19 bug !!!



And again my best wishes to all and PLEASE KEEP SAFE!



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This Galloway Autumn Star Camp At Galloway


Hi everyone,


Can everyone who has     actually booked up       with Lesley and      had their pitch confirmed          please PM me        with their actual      fore, surname and SGL name.

As in :------Fred, Bloggs and SGLname.

You do not have to but it would help enormously as I need to match bookings with names given to the site owner and those here (on this SGL forum ) who have said they have booked. I just need to ensure there are no mistakes.


I need to confirm we have the list (Names)  and numbers (pitches) correct. This is purely due to Covid restrictions. Normally it would not be any problem. Also it will be nice to put a name to our attendees.





(Next time it will be Passport pictures, full names, National Insurance Numbers and Inside Leg size !!!! ) OK only joking about this  last bit 🤣

Keep Safe,


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5 hours ago, estwing said:

Think I was cause of the mix up🙄..all confirmed now.

There was a mix up about my name (Calvin)

Aye! You twerps for down yonder way are the cause 😈

You'll need to bring an extra bottle then 🤣


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I can see that I Will have to be More Specific about my comments onthe meaning of "a bottle",(  🥃 "The Water of Life"🥃)  for our poor "down yonder" cousins benefit!

Head And Shoulder, next here will be mixing it with milk ta get it doon yere throat's! 😂


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12 hours ago, Demon Barber said:

Calvin,he`ll drink anything when he`s bored 🥵  don`t tempt him.

Could you stretch to two bottles?


Two bottles?...only one...I just wash and go!

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Oh well, I suppose you could say "Cleanliness is next to Astronomerlyness" 🚿

I am now wondering if this is how the DOB MOB clean their mirrors.

I know Damian has hinted on a special way of removing  the Dried Gravy off the Viscosity Measuring Adapter, for the  Dual Purpose Dobsonian  Pie Measuring Device  he's been working on of late.



This conversation is now even getting too silly, even for me!!😈



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I keep on looking at the pristine field that Lesley keeps for us due to all her hard work and how it changes as soon as you lot get there.........

Tyre tracks, spilt gravy discarded under sized pies and mud from the pressure washing the gravy off the Dobsonian Dual ............................................😈



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35 minutes ago, Physopto said:

I keep on looking at the pristine field that Lesley keeps for us due to all her hard work and how it changes as soon as you lot get there........

I thought the same, field looks crackin ATM. Wait for 4 months time🙄

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