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Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2020


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5 hours ago, Uplooker said:

Meeting everyone again, or for the first time. Although that may be under unusual circumstances, it will be good.

I am with you there Ian. Two months is a long time under present circumstances. I would say try to look on the Bright Side.

We need some luck. Weather patterns have  been changing in the recent years. So think positive everyone🔭🌌🔭


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I have just answered a few points on the 2021 March Galloway Star Party. In it I have asked those attending to please bring Masks and Hand Sanitizer.


I would ask those attending this Autumn Galloway Star Party to please bring Masks and Hand Sanitizer also for everyone's safety.



Stay safe and many thanks,


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!!!!!!!   OK folks  !!!!!!!


Just off the telephone with Lesley, the site owner.

At present no problems bar Covid restrictions already in place for this Autumn Galloway Star Camp.

Pitch limit is the same and will remain so for the foreseeable future, at 25 pitches.

Camp site in good condition.

Nothing more to report.


Keep safe



P.S. do not forget to book up for the  Spring Star Camp next March,5 pitches already booked.  So only about 20 left depending if any more booked during this post!


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Hi everyone.

I have been talking to several of our Star Camp attendees over the last few days and has become quite clear from those conversations and some posts here, that there may  be a lack of awareness of future Star Camp dates.

So I would like to point out that the dates for the 2021 Star Camps are posted and have been for some time under

Star Parties & Astro Events

Both Star Party dates are posted for the Spring and Autumn 2021

I will in due course ( before the end of this year), be posting the 2022 dates well ahead so members can plan ahead for their  holiday and work commitments.


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No problems with buffering at all. Very nice to see that time lapse video again. Brings back very nice memories of The Galloway Scottish Star Party a a few years ago. Thanks Mike for posting and thanks to Kieran for the original video.


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  • 2 weeks later...
46 minutes ago, Physopto said:

Are you hiring a TANKER then..................🤣

No, I'll bring it down in a barrel.  If people like it, they can take some away with them - just bring your own clean milk cartons.😉

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2 hours ago, jamie56 said:

Quite partial to a wee real ale any idea it's abv, not that it matters I am sure it will do down a treat, looking forward to a wee tipple 😉

He He, wee tipple......................🤣

At least some of  us tell the truth.......Not!

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Hi everyone,

I was not intending to post any information as yet, but some concerns have been expressed privately and on Facebook about the continuation of the Star Camp. Hence this important update.


This is an important update message to all attending the Autumn 2020 Galloway Star Camp.

Due to New Laws regarding the Covid restrictions, as the organiser I have to bear in mind that there is personal fine of up to £10,000 if we do not stick rigidly to the law. Hence the revised rules to be announced.


Please read everything carefully.


If you are NOT prepared to follow the rules and guidelines please cancel your bookings with the Camp Site owner NOW, there are plenty of people awaiting cancellations!

We do not really know what will happen during this next month before the Galloway Star Camp is due to begin.  When I know more details or things become a bit clearer I may have to post some revised rules to cover newer Covid-19 restrictions.


The Scottish Government has said it intends to look again at the situation on the 1st of October and announce any changes around the 5th October. 

If I wait until then to post this it may well be far too late for attendees to either agree or change things.

I can see that there can/may be any one of three possible outcomes that may be implemented on the 5th October


1) The law is changed to a more Draconian regime. i.e. possible result, complete cancellation of the Autumn 2020 Star Camp. This may escalate to affect the 2021 Spring Star Camp!


2) The present rules may stay the same as is, where we may continue with the inclusion of extra safety measures being implemented here.


3) A general relaxation of the rules back to the previous state where some greater degree of mixing outdoors/indoors is allowed.

My guesses are:


1) Quite possible in present circumstances.

2) Most likely hopefully without any further additions.

3) Very unlikely in my estimation.



I have taken over the reins at a very difficult time due to the Covid-19 outbreak and it is causing me some considerable worry and problems.


Neither I, nor Lesley the camp site owner, can afford to break the law in any way. Lesley and her family’s livelihood/family finances depends upon more than our needs or wants. For Lesley, as a commercial Caravan/ Camper Van/Camp Site owner, we are a tiny proportion of her income for the year. But I do know we are a valued asset to her business. Many of us have become very friendly with Lesley and Ralph with good cause.


We are very lucky to have such a welcoming person allowing us to hold a Star Camp without any general public access to the site during that period.

We cannot afford to jeopardise this trust in any way!!


Therefore,  we must abide by, and here I urge everyone to act above and beyond the Law, in all respects in relation to the present restrictions.

By that I mean in accordance with and respect any present Laws with regard to any of the 4 Nations of the UK.

If the need arises I will post any changes to rules as and when.


I have now spent many hours now in consultation with Lesley the Camp Site owner and we are and have agreed on all aspects concerning the upcoming Star Camp.


I don’t want to teach granny to suck eggs, but I have to cover myself and the site owner legally.

So here goes.


a)   Take plenty of face masks and use them at all times when around the camp site especially when closer than say 4/5 metres to others. Change them regularly and wash them out in soap and water and allow to dry to be reused. If you dispose of them please do so safely, i.e. in a tied plastic bag in a bin.

(Here in my home town I am seeing dozens of wantonly discarded face masks in the streets.)


b)    Never come closer than 2 metres to anyone outside your own family members/group at any time, for any reason.


c)   Take plenty of your own supplies of Hand Sanitizer and use it liberally as and when required.


d)    I believe Lesley has restricted the washroom/ablution blocks to no more than 3 people at any time.

(So please, for your own safety and that of others please call out when entering to ensure that you keep to this maximum number at any time).

Bear in mind that Water Spray is aerosoled and can travel some considerable distance indoors.

Following these guide lines is for you, your families and other Star Party attendees safety, and especially that of our hosts well being.


e)     The Warm Room is closed and will remain so, so please do not ask for it to be opened, it won't be!


f)       If you need to talk to the site owner Lesley, do so at the office door and please do not enter unless she asks you to do so.

(Just a short while ago a customer entered the office without a mask and walked right up to Lesley not even considering either parties safety !).





The Scottish Government has banned gatherings……


This is not a gathering!!!


This is not the usual Star Party. We are taking Covid-19 extremely seriously and can only use the camp site field with extreme care.


Remember there are to be no close interactions of any kind, period!


We are in an open field and we can talk to one another at 3,4,5 metres distance without any problems.

Even me as deaf as I am, OK, OK, I may have to ask people to repeat things  😊


It has to be remembered that any Star Party is better than NONE at all.


Also, at most Scottish Star Parties at the Drumroamin Camp Site, we tend to be separated and each of us is busy on/in our own little world.

So in reality not much difference there when actually thought about.


The main differences are, we just cannot get together as a group in the Warm Room and have a good old natter and whiskey.

The field is 5 acres in area, a considerable size and therefore we will be well spread out in the open air.


When arriving you must, MUST  see Lesley, who will then inform you as to where you are allowed to park a motorhome or erect a tent.

Spacing is all important!

You must do this or you will be moved.


You must abide by Lesley's  decisions at all times.



It will be a lot safer for us than any Pub, Restaurant, or even any chance meeting in the street.

We will be prepared and so by using common sense we will be safe.



If we ignore the rules it very possibly will be the last if not the end of any future chances of the Premier Scottish Star Party continuing.


I realize that this is LONG WINDED and completely alien to me, I apologise.

I can only say it is for our protection and the future of our beloved Star Camps.

I would dearly like to see us all celebrate the 20th Galloway Star Camp in the future.


I wish everyone a great Star Camp and hope we may continue in the future.



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3 hours ago, jamie56 said:

Quite partial to a wee real ale any idea it's abv, not that it matters I am sure it will do down a treat, looking forward to a wee tipple 😉

4‰ abv. I've made beers and lagers up 12% abv in the past and wine up to 17% abv. I'm not keen on the dreaded Buckfast though. 😕

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