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If set up to work alt-az then I don't think it will track anything.  Effectively you're just setting it up as if it were at the equator (I think).  The slow-mo controls will then move the OTA left-right and up-down.  So, to follow a target you have to adjust in both directions just as you would with a normal alt-az mount or a dob.

If you're comfortable with the idea of taking the mount apart, someone posted quite a long thread earlier this year about their rebuild of an EQ1 mount to improve its performance which might be worth a read.  I may do something similar with my EQ1 one day so I can use it as a very wide-field mount.  Or I might never get around to it :)


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Annoys me that they push scopes with rubbish lightweight EQ mounts as beginners scopes. Wonder how many have been put off astronomy after buying one? 🙁

The dob is the easiest scope to learn how to use. Would recommend avoiding those scopes with cheap lightweight EQ mounts. Not good at all. Also better to buy from someone like FLO than Amazon. Ch

This is not a bad combo to consider alongside the Hertitage. A 90mm Mak on an EQ1 mount. It is quite steady and is great for the moon, planets and the sun (with solar filter). You can add a motor driv

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20 hours ago, happy-kat said:

The other option might be the startravel 80mm on the az3 tripod. It's a refractor. You could carry this setup over the shoulder to your observing site. Member @mark81 has many observing reports using his. Link startravel 80mm the heritage does have bigger aperture so it's a weigh up of what might work better for you as the best telescope you have is the one you actually use. I have both telescopes each has it's strengths I love the crisp star fields the ST80 gives but then I saw the shadow of a moon transit on Jupiter with the heritage 130p (with a later bought eyepiece).


The ST80s' are good little scopes, especially for wide field observing, not so great at high magnification though.

Would you consider a decent pair of binoculars to start with? There a few good makes to choose from.


I would still recommend holding off for a 6 or 8" Dobsonian. They would give you so much more flexibility and are great all rounders for an extra 70 bucks.



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On 27/12/2019 at 11:40, Honcho41 said:

It's about a 10 min walk from the closest place I can park.  I'm imagining that a Dobsonian will require a plinth rather than being just sat on the grass.

The heritage is actually easier to transport - it can be carried in one hand, but you're right about wanting something to put it on. Something like a 3 legged stool would do the job okay though and would not be too much more to carry.

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On 28/12/2019 at 03:48, Honcho41 said:

I think this is the answer that has just sold the Heritage to me.  Thank you everybody.  I'll let you know how I get on.

Good choice. My final setup for grab and go with that scope (which I still regret selling) was the OTA on an AZ4. Portable and absolutely rock solid. Another option is buy a cheap second hand set of tripod legs from somewhere like AstroBoot and just bolt a sheet of plywood on top to make a collapsible plinth for the Dob base. Works well and should only set you back about 30 quid.

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On 28/12/2019 at 11:41, PEMS said:

If possible add your location at least as a town, that way people can suggest a club that you may be able to visit.


Hi, thank you for your really informative post.  We currently live in Nuneaton, Warks but will likely move in the summer to the Bath area.

I'll have a good look around for clubs.  Thank you again.


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