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hello everyone!

i have the eq6r pro mount from sky watcher and the zwo 071 mc pro cool camera (and maybe in the future dew heaters for my telescope). i currently have a deep cycle battery (65ah) that i want that this battery will be for my computer and for the dew heaters. my question is if i will buy a deep cycle battery 100ah for my mount and the camera, how much could i power both of them? (note: both of the batteries are AGM). will 100ah deep cycle battery will work for a whole night(maybe two nights), both for my mount and my camera or should i buy more powerfull battery?

thank you very much!!!

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Just add up the total Amps drawn by your equipment and then multiply by the number of hours you expect to use them.  For example: Mount 2 Amps, Camera 2 amps, Laptop 4 amps and Dew heaters 2 amps is a total of 10 Amps.  If you run for 5 hours then 5 x 10 is 50 Amp hours.  This would work on a 100 amp hour battery (it is inadvisable to run batteries down below about 50% of capacity).  Please note the numbers above are just guesses!  You will need to work out the exact values from your own equipment.

I used to use a 100Ah battery with an EQ6, DSLR camera and laptop and never had issues with running out of power for a 5-6 hour session.

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I used a 12v PSU to power my AZEQ6, ASI1600 at -20°C, 2 dew strips and a USB hub and the ammeter barely moved above 2.5 amps with all this while the mount was slewing. I'd say give your current battery a go first before buying a new one. I've found a laptop on an DC charger plugged into a battery to be quite demanding though.

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Personally I would steer clear of inverters to run laptops (or any other Astro grear) - much easier to use an "in car charger" to run direct off 12v.  If you use an inverter you are fighting the inefficiencies of both stepping up the voltage and then stepping it back down again.  

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thank you very much!!!!!

this is what ZWO say on the camera:

"We recommend using a 12V/3-5A or more DC adapter for cooler power supply (2.1×5.5, center positive).
Using a battery with 9-15V is also suitable for the cooler power supply.
The anti-dew heater will heat the AR protect window to avoid any dew problems. The heat anti-dew heater power is around 3.6W and can be turn off  in software to save power."

so its sound that 100 battery will work to my mount and camera with no problems! it will work for 14 hours? the math is correct?

and the 65 battery will be for the pc and in the future the dew heaters... (the advantageof a pc, is that not all the time using the battery of the 65ah, so basiclly the dew heaters most of the time will be alone on the 65 battery!)

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