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SW AZ Goto firmware update over wifi - failure

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Having convinced my wife to get me a SW Az goto mount with a wifi dongle for Christmas off a well know auction site all was going so well with set up, config of Stellerium and Ascom until I tried to update the motor controller firmware...

I am now getting the exact same error as detailed here, although on the slightly older version of the mount.  It looks like the solution below was to use a Skywatcher Synscan wifi adapter, which I already have, so I don't think this solution is going to work?

 So, my laptop (Win7) can connect the mount via Wifi and using the SW wifi Motor controller updated it looked to clear the ROM and then started counted up in % until I got the "Firmware update failed. Cycle power to motor controller and try again!"

Trying again I get to 1% before getting the same message.

Will leaving it unconnected for 4hrs drop it out of the firmware cycle?  As I don't have a hand controller can I try the update again via a USB/RS232 combination straight into the laptop without a HC present?  I have read about wifi channel inference on other forums, but I don't think that's it, so any suggestions would, at this point be really gratefully received.

The only saving grace is that the weather isn't conducive for looking upwards, so I have a few days to try and sort this before my wife expects me to be outside and using the mount.



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Not sure which mount but can you try different baud rates on WiFi ?

Maybe try turning other WiFi off in case interference ?

Also, maybe try a different level of firmware - maybe update to new but not newest ?

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Do you know any links to earlier versions of the MC firmware? There looks to be only 2.09 available on the SW website. I don't have any option to change baud rate via the firmware updater, and my understanding is that the SW wifi adapter is converting to rs232, so you'd hope that was sending data at the appropriate rate. I'll have a look to see if I can change anything in the laptop adapter settings. I have tried with the home wifi turned off, so know that the mount signal is at least 30db above anything else broadcasting using a wifi scanning app.

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Sorry Gavin, wasn't sure of your mount ... Thought it was AZ GTi, I believe there is only the one version available.

Hopefully someone local to you will be bored over Christmas and lend you a hand controller / cable to try flashing that way.

Are you near any dealers that might be able to help ?

Really hope you get sorted .

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  • 3 weeks later...

A quick update to this thread is that following a bit of to and fro with Skywatcher support (thanks very much for your help), they suggested two options - firstly to try with no other Wi-Fi nearby and secondly to do the motor controller update via the Synscan USB adapter or a handset.

I decided I'd invest in the USB adapter as it would give me the option of being able to connect my laptop to the house Wi-Fi and mount simultaneously, so an additional bit of flexibility to what I'd got already.  I got a very good price and quick delivery from Bristol Cameras (9/1/20 - Synscan USB adapter currently £19.50inc postage).  The MC update went on without a problem and I am back up and running again.

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