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Beginner question on filter size

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I bought a mono CCD a little while ago, and am researching filters to go with it.

The filter wheel I bought S/H has a 2" carousel. I

s there a reference for knowing which filter size (1.25", 2", 36mm etc) can serve what sensor, without vignetting? If I'm going to stick with a small sensor for a while, then there's no need to buy the bigger filters, when the smaller/cheaper behave identically.


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13 hours ago, Davey-T said:

If you can remember your schoolboy maths you can work it out, something to do with half arc tan or some such :grin:

Dave :icon_santa:

Can you elaborate please? Why is arctan needed if we're only concerned with the hypotenuse in the same plane?

I also thought there must be increments to allow for edge effects from the filter frame etc

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Over 60 years since I was at school so don't remember much I think the theory was done with a pinhole camera and half angle as it was easier to work out but can't remember much else.



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