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IRC Channel/chat room

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Recently Individuals started an Irc Channel where you can use it to chat and ask questions.

First few nights were very active with a lot of people on and it was busy.

Then it was used by Astrophotgraphers for a few nights, and then it went dead.

Why is no one using it is my question.






P.S i am informed that Stargazers Lounge allow their name to be used but take no repsonsibility for behavior in the Channel.

So looks like if it is going to be popular then it will have to be controlled and opped by members who use it most and want to keep it a safe place.

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I totally agree with ChrisEdu it should be more noticeable an it would be very helpfull to newbies.

It should be put in the Home page in 6 foot letters LOL.



Not sure 6 foot letters would fit on many monitors! :D Thanks for agreeing though!

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Stargazerslounge DIDN'T start an IRC channel.

We do not have time to moderate such a place.

We allowed the use of the stargazerslounge name to enable you all to find it easier. But this isn't a SGL channel.


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Depends on the individuals whether you need OPPs people in charge to monitor the behavior.

It can get a bit heated.

Thought it was a Stargazers Lounge chat room Channel.

Seemed a waste of a good idea and any time i was in it was quiet.

If it does get popular then it will need Opps, people in charge to Ban people, usally seen with a @ next to their user name.



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