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Hello from SE23

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Not officially a newcomer but stargazing has been dormant for about three years - coincidentally that’s also the age of my young daughter. 

Slowly hoping and planning to get back into it. That coincides with a move to south london... forest hill in particular. 

I read about the Flamsteed group monthly observing meeting on Blackheath which looks good. 

But I wondered about any super-local meet-ups in or around SE23.

It looks to be a bit more use than my current more central london location and wondered if there were any other stargazers in that neck of the woods who had found any useful (and safe) observing sites. 

I couldn’t figure out the most relevant section for this query so I’ve ended up in the welcome section. Please advise if it should be elsewhere. 

Cheers sam

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Oh, welcome to Forest Hill - but alas I have left the area now.  It was in Se23 (Como Road) that I was bitten by the Astro bug for the second time in my life, and I had a lot of fun watching the planets and the ISS from our garden.  One night I did manage to glimpse the Cygnus section of the Milky Way but generally galaxies and nebulae were a bit hard to find. 

Good luck with observing, and enjoy all the things Forest Hill has to offer. 

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Welcome from Land Down Under

You travel the universe in this forum

Do not have the regular clear skies normally have due to multiple bush fires burning across eastern Australia

The attached pic was taken couple of nights ago, sun setting through bush fire haze



Bush fire smoke sunset.jpg

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