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Meade goes bankrupt!


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You can't imagine how angryI am with this news. I have an LX850 less than a year old and this means no support at all.
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I had an LX200 12" some years ago. Unfortunately even if the optics were good the mechanical parts and electronics were poor. I was surprised that they have lasted so long to be quite honest. I do feel for any people who have been affected though. At least baggywrinkle you have a working scope.

Some years ago a certain person stole money from myself and 12 others, by going bankrupt after living an exorbitant lifestyle. none of us ever received any recompense. In total £76,000 was taken by his fraudulent action. This is not including how much he apparently took by deception from the inland revenue.

As I say, at least you have something for your money.


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There is already a thread on this subject and btw this American chapter 11 protection which is quite different to anything over here as they are still in business and can trade as normal. It’s a way of deferring creditors or in this case an anti-trust court case.


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I stopped buying any of their gear years ago  and I would think that many others have done the same!

I know of people who sent their telescope gear back to be repaired by Meade, but had waited for many months without any word as to how long the repair would take. Then found out that Meade were awaiting broken scopes to strip out the spare parts for the repairs.  It may be true but I took that as a sign of their imminent demise.


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With any scope there are two kinds of problem that need some sort of support.

The first is a sudden and unexpected failure. Whether optical, mechanical or electronic.
The second is a gradual deterioration as parts wear, coatings degrade, etc.

For the former, there is generally a healthy aftermarket in parts and skills.
Do you really want to send your scope to the USA for repair when surely there is someone more local who can do it?

For the latter, the cost of new scopes (with more bells and whistles) makes you consider buying a new(er) cope and passing on the old one.

For what it is worth, I don't think there will be any serious issues for most people. Scopes tend to keep going.
If the electronics fails, then I'm sure the people in China who build the stuff now will supply replacements.
Or you can fasten on a different drive mechanism.

Worst case would be a big optical failure on an expensive but not very old scope.
Thankfully this does not happen very often - then usually from accidental damage.
Rusty PST objectives, Lunt filters, and the like being hopefully the exceptions.

As for the thought that 'they don't make them like that any more'.
My limited experience of Meade has been that they are not that special or unique.
Build quality has been no better than others.
Claims of 'built in USA' to justify the price flounder when you look at the 'assembled in Mexico' stickers and obvious chinese parts.

Jut my two pennorth. David.

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My astro society purchased a Meade LX600 12 inch last year. Complex scope, if it goes wrong, I would think.

It would be a shame if Meade does go to the wall. They have produced some better products over the past couple of years.



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