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First go at M42 - Quite a challenge to process


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So I had my first go at M42, it was quite difficult to process. I used DSS for the 1st picture and Pixinsight for the the second one. I prefer the second one but I find it a lot more noisy and blueish .. After a couple of hours playing around I tend to lose track of what is good or overprocessed.. I need your fresh eyes people :) 

Please, any constructive criticism is welcome as I have not a lot of experience processing deep sky images :)

Processed with DSS


Procesed with Pixinsight




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I agree about DSS. In fact I'm surprised the DSS image is as good as it is. 

I think both images are pretty good which suggests the raw data is good. How many subs did you take? I assume this is DSLR data. 

M42 is tricky because it's got a very bright core and then lots of interesting but fainter nebulosity around it. It's difficult to pull up the fainter stuff without blowing out the core. I have recently been working through the book Inside Pixinsight by Warren Keller which walks the reader through use of masks and other processes to pull out the detail. I recommend it if you've not got it. 

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