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COMPLETED - SOLD - TS-Optics AZ5 Alt-Az Mount (Skytee)

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TS-Optics AZ5 Alt-Az Mount (Skytee)

Now that the Rowan AZ100 is arriving next week time to sell my TS-AZ5 mount.

SOLD - £220.00 Collected (UK shipping £20.00)

Basically a Skytee II but with added quality control. Costs more than a regular Skytee but works properly with virtually zero backlash in both axis. Also has the mounting holes for a saddle on both ends not just one like the Skytee. Like new condition and cost aprox. £380.00 when purchased in early 2019.

Have fitted Vixen type saddle clamps with dual,clamping that are more secure than just a single clamp type. 

Have threaded the centre of both saddles so the counterweight bar can be screwed in place without removing one of the saddles. Will also fit on the underside of one end as per the Skytee.

Counterweights included.  

Payment:  PayPal (buyer pays fees) or Bank Transfer







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