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Hello from Gloucester


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Hi there

I have always been memorised by the sky, I don't know the constellations or where certain stars are, but have always been completely fascinated and in awe when I look up and when coming back from the oub on a clear night, used to wake her indoors up and drag her up the fields with some beers, the dogs and camping chairs to stare at the sky for a while.

I have always told myself I wanted a couple of telescopes, one for looking at planets and one for deep space and I won't buy one until I can afford to spend about £1k on one as it would last me for years, but now I find myself at 40 and with two kids under 17 months old I realise that if that hasn't happened yet, I probably have another 20 years to wait before it does.

So when I saw a second hand, telescope for sale I spoke to the mrs and picked up a National Geographic premium telescope 76/700 locally for £25 and that would be my Christmas present from her.

So at least, now when I come home from the pub and the sky is clear, I can leave her alone to sleep and go an check the stars out on my own, at least after Christmas that is, when Santa drops it off at my house.

So, it's nice to meet you, hope to speak soon




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Hi Dan I am new too , great Guys and Gals on here they have helped me a lot , I picked up a Celestron powerseeker 114EQ for £45  ,  I have all was loved the stars i queued for 2 hours to look at Hailleys comet at Eton observatory it's taken me years to get a telescope but done it at last 


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Welcome from Land Down Under

You travel the universe in this forum

You will have fun with your new toy from Santa

For a beginner scope should be ideal

For finding objects to look at, suggest down load Skysafari

With your scope been of a Dobsonian design on a manual EQ mount will give you a lot of satisfaction

Have attached pic of my beast, 10" Skywatcher Flex Dob



Skywatcher 10 inch Dobson.jpg

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So, I have watched a few video's on adjusting the viewfinder and took the scope out to the field next door and aimed it at a mile marker 450m away in another field.

I found it quite hard, I know it's a budget scope and the finder is possibly the cheapest part, it is not stable by any stretch of the imagination and wbbles all over the place.

I got it quite close(ish) which was near when looking at the moon this evening to test it, before it goes away until Christmas, but am guessing it will make it hard to find further away items when I get to start using it.

Any ideas? Can you replace the view finder and braket for a more robust version?

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4 hours ago, ro88ieuk said:

Hi Dan and welcome. You'll find great tips and advice on here and as a fellow stargazer from nearby Cheltenham we'll be sharing the same light pollution, clouds, rain and maybe, sometimes, clear sky!!..😊 

Awesome, will have to get you over in the new year then, we live on a farm with some good hills and nearly 360 degree views, just hope you are not scared of horses 😁

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Sounds like a plan!.I can't imagine (just dream about) nipping out the back with 360 degree views. My normal night involves avoiding the neighbours bathroom searchlights, security lights, funny looks when pointing the 'scope their way, etc etc. Love it though.

Fine with horses, won £50 on the Cheltenham Gold Cup winner this year..😊

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