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COMPLETED - 12" DOB Wanted - Scotland. Would consider larger.

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    Looking for a 12" DOB (or larger) which can be transported to Prestwick, Ayrshire. Any brand, as long as the telescope is optically sound and in good working order. I'm a reliable buyer who has bought and sold on this site before.





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    • By Aneko1991
      Hi, I want a telescope and my budget is between 370$ -740$(I want something with a zoom as good as it s possible for this budget). Can you help me to chose one ?
      (buy in the EU)
    • By Humb1e
      I'm looking a bit of advice / opinions on a telescopes for a beginner, but useful, telescope. 
      I've gone through tonnes websites and now seem to find my self going round in circles.......
      I've read that an 8inch dobsonian type will do pretty much everything I want without breaking the bank too much / me outgrowing it very quickly. 
      Main issue is that I'd like to be able to take imagery, whether thats with phone or camera to start I don't know. I understand tracking can be easier with something motorised rather than by hand..... 
      Budget wise, I don't want to spend a small fortune, or, get something I'll need to replace too soon. I'm based South in Manchester, UK, not sure if that has any bearing on choices. 
      It probably needs to be something with low maintenance requirements too. 
      My budget is low at around £300...... Not my decision on this one 😂
      Cheers in advance 
    • By StarlightX
      Hi everyone,
      so I have a Celestron Astromaster 130eq, but I have 1 part missing. It is as shown in the picture,, I don’t know the name of the thing. Please help me, if anyone know what it is... plz comment..

    • By Jubi_Resik
      Hello There
      I've used so far a really cheap telescope that you can look at the moon, but its time for a big upgrade.
      What I'm looking for:
      Go To
      Photo / Picture Capturing
      Looking at Planets (no blurry images)
      looking at nebulas
      looking at galaxies
      different eye peace's
      possibly connect to pc software for screen usage
      price range up to 1500$
      I've no idea if I'm out of my mind with my wishes. but for me the market and numbers and features of the description for the telescopes are a bit overwhelming.
      So I hope that someone can recommend a telescope for me
      Thanks Jubi
    • By shiladazz
      I am a beginner and planning to buy my first telescope. After much research I decided to go for an 8 inch Dobsonian and since I am in Germany I chose Skywatcher 8 inch classic which seems to be the favorite. 
      However, Astroshop.de pushed out the delivery date to July and others like Teleskop  Spezialisten have refused to take any preorder before he has cleared his backlog. Astro shop has already postponed delivery by two month and there is no guarantee they won’t do it again. 
      They have a earlier  delivery date on GSO 8 inch Dob with the deluxe version with  1:10 micro reduction and better EP - 2” 30 mm vs 1.25” 25 mm on SW. The GSO is 50 Eur more expensive but at this point I am beyond caring for EUR 50 to be honest. 
      Finally, they also have an Omegon 8 inch option which Stefan Taube as an expert has commented as the same GSO OTA essentially with a better rockerbox. This unit is available for immediate delivery. 
      Does anyone have experience with Omegon and GSO and would care to share with me if this is a prudent choice given the circumstances? Are they indeed the same? 
      I do not want to wait a year for the device but also would not want to jump in without checking with you experts.
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