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Tonights Moon, with something extra - 11th Dec


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Thanks guys. Ant, in Raw Processing. I shoved the Saturation to Max, pushed the Vibrancy up to about 30% (although in Aperture it's called something else). Passed the image to PS, and then cranked up the saturation several times. There's a tutorial here.

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Thank you Gents.

Chris, not particularly, although the starlings appear to be laying off a bit. A few tits this morning. The light is too rubbish to get any shots though. Even at ISO1600 I'm barely getting 1/80.

It must just be the feeders that I made then! Hardly seen any birds lately. :D

1/80 at ISO1600 is pretty damn poor lighting! It made me laugh at the Nikon Expo how one of the speakers pronounced ISO and ASA. I'd say them letter by letter, but he was making them into words which sounded very weird.

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Maybe the feed ? We got very little on the feeder till we tried some Wilkinson's Robin Food. Then swarms turned up.

And that was with the aperture wide open, well f5.6... which at 250mm, is as wide as the 55-250 gets.

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