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Clear Skies!

Where can I buy the cheapest Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Go-To mount?

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I am going to buy Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Go-To mount. But, unfortunately, I am low on budget.

So, does someone know where can I buy the cheapest EQ5 pro mount?

Yesterday there was a low price for it (350 €), but they changed it.

Thank you for your time!

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On 26/11/2019 at 21:10, joe aguiar said:

have u looked on the used site astro buy and sell UK?

Yes, but I didn't find any useful ideas.

My lowest price that I found is £569.00 (667.00 €). (https://www.harrisontelescopes.co.uk/acatalog/skywatcher-eq5-synscan-goto-equatorial-mount--tripod.html)


Clear skies

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Yes it would help with a location, I've the HEQ5 Pro version & tripod + battery pack, WiFi adapter and tablet for sale for £600 based in Yorkshire.

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Not sure if you found what you were looking for, but I'm selling the whole set up. Message me if you're interested. 

Cheers Simon 



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    • By Simon Dunsmore
      Selling my complete set up as I'm moving into imaging. Happy to split if it helps. 
      Skywatcher 200pds with dual speed focuser, finderscope and all relevant dust caps. 
      Synscan goto mount with polar scope. Cables, handset etc. 
      I will even throw in a lazer colminator (boxed) see images
      This is a great kit for visual observations. All in mint condition, only slight wear to dovetail Bar and slight marks to counter weights and bar. 
      All with original boxes and packaging. I've really looked after this. 
      The new Sky-Watcher EXPLORER-200PDS Newtonian Reflector incorporates the same superb mirror-set as the Explorer-200P Black Diamond Series, but with two significant advantages. A Dual-Speed 10:1 ratio focuser is now included for excellent focusing precision. Also the tube length has been slightly shortened to optimise performance for prime-focus photography.
      *Note: the Explorer-200PDS has a larger 58mm secondary mirror, for enhanced field illumination, compared to the Explorer-200P which has a 52mm secondary.
      Looking for £550
      EQ5 £350
      200pds £245 with Lazer Collimator £230 without 
      Ideally collection preferred, but can arrange postage at cost. 
      I'm located in Folkestone, Kent 
      Message me for more information. 

    • By Bigwings
      I noticed on another thread that Dobbie wanted to downsize from the Skymax 150 Mak to a 127 for portability . Today we exchanged scopes wi h a cash settlement.
      Tonight M42 was passing to the front of the garage (unheated). To quote Oscar Wild (I think) " I can resist all things except temptation.
      Lifting the EQ5 to the garage door I mounted the Skymax 150 and chose the Baader Aspheric 31mm. With clutches off and no power the finder was nudged to M42. A few seconds focusing and WOW......
      M42 filled the field of view with great contrast and tac sharp stars showing trapezium as clear as I can remember. 
      It seemed to me as good a view  as I can remember with the SE8 or my 8" Newt. Perhaps it's my memory. My first light with this scope fills me with anticipation of views lunar and planetary but it certainly can do a good job on bright DSO's. Cool down was not a problem when kept in a cold garage on this occasion.
      Thanks Dobbie... I love it.
    • By Spider-Man
      Hi everyone,
      I'm looking to get a reasonably portable astrophotography set-up, using a 60-100mm refractor, with a suitable goto mount.  I spotted the Explore Scientifice exos2-gt with pmc-eight goto system, which looks like quite an elegant solution, and wondered if anybody in the forum owns this mount, and what they think of it's performance & usability?
    • By Glambert
      Hi All, i am looking for my first astrophotography rig and i have limited it down to the two trackers. I know these can only take a limited payload and are there not good value for money in terms of upgrading to a bigger telescope later. But, i really want something portable, quick, and easy to get started. I currently have a 12 inch dob so i really want at least something other than my binoculars that is much easier to get outside quickly when the clouds break. 
      I will also be buying the z61 william optics telescope (yet to buy) as i feel this is a good scope for these type of mounts from what i have read. 
      Therefore, here is my question. Which moint should i get? I know they essentially do the same thing but there is some differences including price. I believe the skyguider pro is much more exspensive given from what i hear the vixen wedge would also be needes at a much greater cost that what is provided. Also, the star adventurer does not have a built in battery but instead uses AA's or i hear sometimes people use a power pack. As a result, it appears that the sky guider pro works out much more exspensive when all is said and done. However, is the skyguider pro worth the extra money with the wedge or is the star adventurer the better option? Any tips, advice, or first hand experience welcome kind Regards Gary
    • By Michael Hogan
      I have decided to sell my Cem-120 mount as i got a second hand AP 1100 GTO from my friend who got a new AP 1600 with encoders
      its just under a year old bought from Altair Astro so still under two year warranty is in mint cont i couldn't miss the opportunity to get
      AP 1100 GTO and let it go still waiting for pier plate for mount.
      So theirs no point in keeping two large mounts after i got my dream final mount buyer will pay shipping price is 2150 pounds.
      Altair Astro price without Ipolar Camera is 3250 pounds without Ipolar Camera which is 200 pounds total 3450 pounds

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