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Are stars still forming in Orion?

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Question of curiosity!

The Orion Nebula is an H II diffuse nebula. I long hear sources saying that Orion is still a birth place of new stars, but is it not too hot to still complete this process?


To my knowledge star formation mainly occurs in dark nebulae where temperatures reach fairly close to absolute zero? Where am I wrong?

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To the OP, that's a great question.

I believe yes is the answer, but I cannot for the life of me back it up,
so take my answer for what it's worth.

Merlin66 above gives a great pointer and a wonderful image too.


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If you Google "Are stars forming in the Orion nebula " you get links that say not at the moment due to the wind from a newish star. However, this is producing high density areas where they will in future.

Regards Andrew 

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