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Walking on the Moon

Start of M51 project


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I've had a dismal time since Kelling with imaging. Just over complicating things. Porblems with due on secondary, dew on chip, guide camera not working properly, problems with collimation, problems with field flatness, problems calibrating motorised focuser etc etc. Too many options. Wish I'd never sold the SXVH9 and stopped using small refractors.

Great night 6th - 7th Dec, one of the best ever. Got 4 hours worth of M1 data - Ha and OIII except it wasn't OIII, it was CLS :D Did manage 20x 5mins luminence data on M51 so thought I better post something.

Scope LX200R with 0.63 reducer and SX active optics.

Camera QSI 532 ws

Captured with maxim. DDP, 2 iterations deconvolution with CCDsharp and finished in PS

Will try to carry on gathering data over the next few months (except I now have an exciting new toy to play with!)


(click to enlarge)

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Thank you everyone.

Karlo, M51 should be a good target for any DSLR - relatively bright so you don't need extended exposures.

I'll post the M1 stuff TJ although a bit disappointing, not as good as the stuff I got from Kelling - I think the focus was a micron or 2 out but interesting to compare Ha and CLS.

The new toy...might keep me occupied a bit...a Tak FSQ 106ED. A blumming expensive consolation for having a bad time imaging!

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