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"The 70 Cluster" in Cygnus

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Had a brief session before mealtime.  4.50 to 6.10pm.  8SE.  Sky clear.  I was looking again around the Eta Cyg region, but nothing seemed to go to plan, apart from Eta Cyg looking distinctly orange.

Before finishing, I went for NGC 7063, also in Cygnus - small OC.  Very easy to spot on account of the pattern of stars, all faint/very faint.  In the diagonal, the pattern looked very like "70" - it should be called the "70 Cluster", just like NGC 2169, the "37 Cluster" in Orion.

An easy target, and well worth a look if you haven't been there already!

Glad I got this session in, as just over an hour later, there was thin cloud everywhere and a misty Moon, low in the east.



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