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Mercury transit from Somerset

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Due to my arthritis I don't do much imaging these days. I battled the clouds and the nippy weather to get this image (eventually). Used a Canon EOS2000D with a 70-300 lens and a Baader solar filter. I have a Coronado PST but the Sun is so low this time of year plus the clouds I gave up with that. Too much cursing before the watershed!merctransit_02.jpg.aee7ebcdd1044a18b412d1ff26adfdc4.jpg

The original grayscale image wasn't as clear as I'd hoped, so I used Photoshop with a bit of colourisation and enhancement.


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No it was a fancy Image Stabilised, Ultrasonic one. Second hand as well. Like I say, I couldn't get anything good with my PST given the conditions, but I thought that might happen so I got the Baader filter from FLO and it saved the day.

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