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11-05-2019 Quick Report

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I am a complete noobie to the solar observing side of stargazing, but yesterday my first solar telescope arrived (a Coronado PST) and I was out today enjoying the process of learning a new type of observing.  This report won't contain anything all that interesting to veterans, but I am excited and thought I'd post.


This morning I got out and found my way around the scope, learning to focus, adjust contrast, and get rid of reflections.  I saw a nice little prom and a bright spot along with some surface texture, and I was quite happy.


I went out this afternoon and managed to spot another prom along with both a light spot and several dark spots.  Upon returning home I confirmed that what I had been viewing was indeed accurate, and I am quite satisfied with my first day of viewing.  Below is a picture of the features I was focused on:




A very successful first day, and I am really happy to be learning how to observe the closest star to our little rock!

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BTW- The scope came with an 18mm Plossl that has been a good EP for viewing, plus I have been using my ES 8mm and 4.6mm.  I have been able to get good contrast and focus with all, but the 8mm has been my favorite thus far.

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Always interesting to read about new experiences. I really enjoyed my PST, gave me some great views.

I used to enjoy an 11mm plossl in mine quite a bit, with an 8mm mainly kept for better seeing conditions. Zooms can work well in these scopes as the are f10, the 7.2mm to 21.5mm zooms are quite good, there are a number of clones out there with prices varying widely so worth having a search around. I got this one which is a good price and works well.


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Sounds like you’re quickly coming to terms with PST.

Practice with the tuning , different settings will show different detail.

”The little scope which could....”



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