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Comets C/2018 N2 (ASASSN) and C/2017 T2 (PANSTARRS) visible now

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I had a couple of clear nights and decided to give these comets a try.   The Sky Live site had these comets at magnitudes 11.4 and 11.6 respectively and I wasn't expecting much but surprisingly both were visible.   They were both small faint puffs, but small faint puffs not difficult to see.   I thought they were easier to see than Comet Africano.   I was using my Z10.   They weren't visible with a 20mm EP but started seeing hints of them with my 8mm Delos (156x) and was able to confirm them with 6mm Delos (208x).   They are both small, around 2", but are fairly condensed so are fairly easy to see.  
The Moon will be interfering  for the next couple of weeks but they will be around for awhile in very good position.  

C/20128 N2 is now in Andromeda,  is near M31 and will reach perihelion in mid November then start to fade.   

C/2017 T2 now in Auriga, between M36 and M38 will reach perihelion in early May 2020.   It may reach naked eye visibility before it starts to fade.   This will be in Auriga for the rest of November, then go through Perseus, Cassiopeia, Camelopardalis and be in Ursa Major in June.    There will  be 6 months to observe this and it will be in excellent position the whole time.  

Here is Seiichi Yoshida's Weekly info about bright comets http://www.aerith.net/comet/weekly/current.html .  


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Very nicely reported and a very interesting link.

No wonder i couldn't see C/2017 T2 through my 20x80's the other morning. I didn't realize it was so faint.

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