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LDN1676 (SH2-9) in HaRGB


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LDN1676 (SH2-9) is a butiful  emission and reflection nebula. It is in the Scorpius constellation and near the bright star Antares that can be seen in naked eye as an orange color star. below this nebula we can find the M4 globular cluster. This all area is above the milkyway center core from our point of view.

I photo it during my visit to the Namibia  in June 2019 during

Photo Details:
Lum - 12 x 5min = 60min
RGB - 5x5min for each channel at BIN2, 75min

Total Exposure: 135Min (2.25 Hours)

Telescope: ASA 12'' F3.6
Mount: DDM 85 Unguided
Camera: FLI 16200 Mono
Filters: Astrodon

Thanks for watching,
Haim Huli


My Flicker: https://www.flickr.com/photos/101543943@N04/?



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