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Tips for keeping warm?

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Thanks for the advice people :hello1:

Looks like i'm gonna have to put more planning and cash :crybaby: into this than I thought. Oh well no worries as its enjoyable and more fun than I expected. Still on binos atm too, will be pestering FLO in the new year no doubt when i can finally afford a scope.

good job i'm off out tomorrow, can keep an eye out for some nice thermal under layers.

Thanks folks again folks :thumbright:

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Top Posters In This Topic

Lets see when I go out I wear

normal underwear ;-) - not much

Thermal longjohn + thermal vest - £15 new from ebay

Mountaineering socks from millets - 2 pairs for £16

Pair of lined trousers from millets - around £35

a cheap fleece - primark - about £5

Have a tresspass 3 in 1 jacket - about £60 from tresspass shop (Usually just the outer or i get too warm!!!!)

Cheap pair of walking boots - about £30

I use those hand warmers - charcoal disposable - if i need to - about £3 per set from ebay

A flask of boiling water - Pack of 3 Nescafe Instant Cappaccino in the paper cup things. Thats about me done up to about -5 however not had much wind usually observe in a sheltered spot

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