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Mount Suggestions Sought for Awkward Obsy Plan...

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Hi everyone...roll up...roll up....it's a "spend my money" thread!

I am embarking on an attic observatory build, which I won't go into details on here - there's a thread on that in the DIY Observatories section. Anyway - a key part of this is that there will be a 1.1m2 sliding roof window in a loft, through which will unfurl my imaging gear. I currently have a iOptron CEM25P and William Optics Z73 which would fit through this gap perfectly well but....

...I am thinking ahead to the inevitable mount and scope upgrades....the largest scope I would likely ever want for imaging is an Edge 9.25 HD, which is 55cms long and, I think, 26cms wide. And 9.5kgs in weight.

I would need a sturdier mount for this in future, so my question is - which mid-range to premium mount(s) would be enough to wield an Edge 9.25 HD + imaging gear, while being compact enough to fit through (and potentially rotate in) a hatch in a loft? Including counterweight bar...

So far, the mount I have found which seems to fit the bill is the Avalon M-Uno...the RA-axis being close to the OTA and a lack of counterweight bar makes it an early contender...

I am seriously considering using a Linak DL2 type rising column to lift the whole thing through the hatch as a possibility. However, if the mount in question has a "turning circle" that would fit in that hatch, then I wouldn't need to go down that route.

My Avalon thinking was inspired by the link below on critical rotating dimensions, kindly provided by @old_eyes in the obsy thread.

Thanks in advance! All suggestions welcome! (Please no comments on hot air currents and vibrations - those warnings have been heeded!)


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The Rainbow RST mounts are very interesting too. I have a Rainbow RST-135... very light and compact, no counterweight, yet with a large capacity. Can be used in equatorial or AZ configuration. The RST-135 costs a bit less than the M-Uno, while the larger (though still small and compact) RST-300 costs more than a 10-Micron GM1000. If you need a mount to go through a small opening this type of mount or the similar Hobym Crux mounts seem hard to beat.

Rainbow mount.jpg

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