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31.10.19 And so the journey begins again.

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First day of imaging with my new ZWO ASI174MM-S.
Fitted on the end of the modified 150/8 + internal D-ERF + 1.25 GPC + PST.
The morning was taken up with watching clouds. Cleared after lunch.

First image without and then with a 2x WO 1.25" Barlow on the nose.
The Barlow image was very heavily cropped and then resized.
This was a mistake because it severely coarsened the prom detail.
Another lesson learned. SharpCap + Registax + PhotoFiltre.

Still struggling with blackening the sun neatly in PhotoFiltre.
I'm using the Fill Tool and it [usually] wants to overlap the edges.
Even when I draw carefully around the limb.

14_32_13 proms 31019.jpg

14_35_36 prom 174 barlow x2.jpg

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10 hours ago, Pete Presland said:

Some decent detail visible there, how were the seeing conditions?

Thanks Pete. Not as good as I'd like.

With good seeing the "smoke" of the prom is exquisitely detailed.
Really good seeing is like the proverbial "out of the window of a space ship."
It is only when the seeing is good enough that one really tests the true capability of any instrument.
All the rest of the time I'm gnawing on what to buy next to make the "seeing" better. :wink2:

I went for years without seeing real detail on Jupiter and Saturn from the lawn in my secondhand 6" refractor.
Then on one particular night, with an inversion layer, Saturn was an  "out of the window" experience.
It was high overhead and I was standing on snow on the lawn in bright moonlight.
A light breeze was carrying the thin smoke from the dying wood stove horizontally away from me.

Saturn was so incredibly detailed it looked pixelated. As I described it at the time.
Colourful banding, polar shading and a polar cap to die for. The Crepe Ring etched in palest blue.
The Enke Division and Cassini were razor sharp all the way around.
I stayed out well past 3am at my formerly "hopeless" CR150HD.
With a maximum power [at the time] of only 120x from a no name Chinese Plossl.

The real experts, on another forum, denied I could see so much with only 120x.
So I went on a quest to see how low I could go and still see Cassini clearly all the way around.
Reliably at 46x in a secondhand 26mm. Though at times it felt as if my eyeball was being sucked out!
That same night, Jupiter, much lower down, remained typically "muddy" to a fault. ^_^

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Look at Corono to give a black disk to enhance your proms.



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Thanks.  Do you mean Corona Renderer?

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Sorry. I thought it was a typo! :blush:

Found it!  Thanks. :thumbsup:

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